The Ohio State University Football Program

The following is a copy of my letter to The Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee, in the wake of news today that three football players, two of which are currently suspended for receiving improper benefits, are suspended for Saturday’s game against Nebraska for receiving additional improper benefits.

Dear President Gee,

Earlier this afternoon, my cousin Rick, with whom I attended my first OSU football game during the magical National Championship year of 1968 who now lives in That State Up North, called to ask if I heard the news.  What now, I wondered.  He then proceeded to tell me what little facts he had heard on ESPN or read on-line.  When he told me that at least one player and maybe two among the four already suspended for the first five games of the season, had been accused of accepting money for work they did not do, I told Rick that if this is true, then not only do these players have to go, but also Director of Athletics Gene Smith as well.

It is now several hours later, and having talked with Rick several more times and having searched on-line for some facts, it is now being reported that DeVier Posey, Daniel Herron and Marcus Hall have been accused of accepting pay for work not performed.  How is it possible that Posey and Herron, who are among those players that were suspended for the first five games for accepting improper benefits, can be facing additional suspensions for similar violations?  Are these two players that stupid, or are they so beholden to the notion of being a gifted athlete, having been placed very high on a pedestal their entire lives by an adoring American public and felt entitled to all that is given them?  It was also reported that Etienne Sabino and Melvin Fellows also received pay for work they did not do, but that Fellows is out on a medical hardship and that Sabino has already been reinstated by the NCAA.  In addition to all these suspensions, as you are well aware, three more players were also suspended for receiving improper benefits for the first two games of the season.

These five players should be dismissed from the team and expelled from the university immediately.  Furthermore, since Coach Jim Tressel has been fired for covering up the initial rules violations and is no longer around in which to place blame, Gene Smith and the entire athletic compliance department should be fired immediately as well.  Cleaning house of all parties who are responsible for allowing this disgusting scenario to unfold in the national media is the only solution to restoring any sense of dignity to Ohio State’s once proud football program.

The entire past year has been an embarrassment and a disgrace to The Ohio State University, its alumni and the state of Ohio.  Drastic changes must be made immediately.

Steven H. Spring
OSU, Class of ‘87


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