Throwback Or Throwaway Uniforms

Sitting down to spend this Saturday watching college football, I was going to first watch Michigan play at Michigan State before watching my beloved Buckeyes play Illinois.  However, when the game started, I might as well have been watching Northwest Southeastern Valley State play Podunk U., as I did not recognize either team on the television screen.  It seems that both Michigan and Michigan State were wearing so-called throwback uniforms.

Maybe it’s just me getting old, but I long for the days when college teams actually wore their traditional uniforms.  Now days, because of all the money being made by Nike, Adidas and Under Armour, you need a program just to keep track of your favorite college football team.  The University of Oregon, because of Beaverton, Oregon based Nike and its Oregon alumnus owner Phil Knight, leads the nation with as many as 384 different uniform combinations.  Why are all these schools wearing so many different uniforms, one would ask.  The answer, as always in America, is money.  These uniform manufacturers can sell many more jerseys to fans by having several different styles instead of just the traditional home and away uniforms.

Steven H. Spring
OSU, Class of ‘87


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