National Embarrassment

Once again, Republican Congressional leaders have embarrassed not only themselves but also their party as well in their contempt for President Obama.  This time, embarrassment comes with the news that Libyan despot Moammar Gadhafi was captured and executed yesterday by a small band of revolutionary fighters in his hometown of Sirte.  The cause of the embarrassment was the fact that several high-ranking Republican leaders gave total credit for the success of the mission to France and England, without giving any praise to the president nor the American troops involved in the operation.

It is well known and documented that Republicans not only will not vote for any of President Obama’s proposed legislation but to not give him recognition for his planned attack to remove Gadhafi from power all the while praising other countries not only is an insult to the Commander in Chief in a time of numerous wars but an insult to everyone serving in America’s armed forces.

When the president first announced his plan to attack Libya with the help of a coalition of countries including France and England, Republicans denounced his plan as leading from behind.  Yet, his plan worked out admirably as in just seven months Gadhafi was removed from office without the loss of one American life and a little more than one billion dollars spent.

Granted, a billion dollars is a lot of money to a cash-depleted nation, but when compared to President George W. Bush’s on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while hunting for Osama bin Laden, which have lasted for ten years and cost to date nearly $1.3 trillion and the loss of more than 6,200 American lives, this military endeavor was very economical.  Judging by statistics alone, Republicans should be praising President Obama instead of disrespecting him.  However, we all know that won’t happen.

Steven H. Spring


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