The Right To Vote

Tuesday, November 8th is a pivotal day in Ohio election history in that its citizens will get the chance to voice their opinion regarding the right of public employees to unionize.  State Issue 2 is the referendum on the state’s new anti-collective bargaining law, passed earlier this year by Governor John Kasich in his attempt to outlaw public unions.  For all the talk by the governor and his cronies about how this anti-collective bargaining law is needed so he can balance the state budget, the real reason why Republicans are so adamant in their attempt to ban unions is that they contribute great sums of money to political campaigns, mainly benefiting that of the Democratic Party.

Republicans know that if they can cut off major funding to Democrats from the various unions, they will have a huge, inequitable financial advantage in nearly all future elections.  To blame our teachers, police, firefighters and public employees for the financial catastrophe our politicians and Wall Street have created is asinine.  Does anyone actually believe that Governor Kasich and the Republican Party would be so tenacious in their attempt to outlaw public unions if it were they who received immense campaign contributions from unions?

The sad reality in America is that in a non-presidential election year, approximately thirty-five percent of registered voters will actually vote on Tuesday.  However, this pitiful turnout percentage is not quite the optimistic picture painted, I write sarcastically.  Since only seventy-five percent of all eligible voters are actually registered, this makes the actual voter turnout closer to twenty-five percent of the eligible population.  Statistics show that rich folk vote Republican and poor people vote Democrat and that the vast majority of Republicans voters do actually vote in every election while the poorer you are the less likely it is that you vote.

Great numbers of people have been protesting throughout the country and world against financial inequality.  If only every eligible American did indeed vote tomorrow, the ninety-nine percenters could take back this country from the wealthy elite and our current form of government entitled plutocracy and restore this country back to the democratic principles as set forth by our founding fathers.

Steven H. Spring


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