5 Hour Energy

Though the just completed holiday season is at its core a religious celebration, it is also a sports junky’s month-long fix.  I gave up watching the NBA several decades ago, but make up for it this time of the year with college basketball, college football bowl season and the NFL playoffs.  I will admit though, that I do limit the number of games that I watch.  One good thing about watching television is that if I am sitting in front of the TV, I have one of my guitars on my lap practicing my music.  However, watching a good number of games this holiday season, I was alarmed by the enormous number of commercials for 5 Hour Energy.  I believe that there was even a bowl game sponsored by this energy supplement.

These commercials recommend drinking 5 Hour Energy every morning for breakfast.  If you need a shot of 5 Hour Energy or any of the other energy boosters now available every morning just to get going, you have some serious problems in your life.  One can only imagine what will happen to a person health-wise as their body builds up a tolerance and addiction to these energy boosters after prolong use.

We are raising generations of children and young adults who first get their caffeine kick from Mountain Dew, then move on to more potent sports drinks and finally go hardcore with 5 Hour Energy or any of the other energy boosters now commonly available.  I find it incredible that 5 Hour Energy is sold at nearly every grocery or convenience store, placed at the check-out counter right beside the candy, with no age restrictions whatsoever.  Is there any wonder why our children can’t sit still in school and that we resort to drugging them with Ritalin and other mind altering drugs, which has become an epidemic in its use?

Steven H. Spring




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