Guitar World Hall Of Fame

Slash beat out Eric Clapton in the annual Guitar World magazine Hall Of Fame readers poll and their caption reads Slash finally enters the Hall Of Fame?  I know any readers polls are nothing more than a popularity contest by the magazine subscribers, and that one conducted by Guitar World is most likely reflected by a majority of its readers whose musical tastes lean toward heavy rock and/or metal, whichever name best describes the music that dominates this particular magazine, however, for Clapton to lose out to Slash in this year’s poll for induction into the magazine’s Hall Of Fame is asinine.

Clapton, who has been in such seminal bands as The Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith and Derek And The Dominos before launching a five decade long solo career, was considered a guitar god before Slash was born. Granted, most previous inductees into the Guitar World Hall Of Fame probably deserves such an honor in the long run, but for someone with such an extensive musical career as EC should have been one of the first two (the other being Jimi Hendrix), if not the very first inductee into a rock guitarist Hall Of Fame.

Based solely on recorded output, nobody in the history of rock music compares to that of Eric Clapton.

Steven H. Spring






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