OSU Alumni Football Ticket Policy

I acknowledge that with the recent hiring of Urban Meyer as head coach, alumni football ticket demand will be very high this coming season, however this does not diminish the absurd policy OSU enacted several years ago of not informing ticket buyers exactly what game they are purchasing tickets to.  As some one who has been on disability for the past fifteen years, I do not purchase alumni tickets very often.  I find the cost to attend games against significantly inferior opponents too great, that there are far more important things on which to spend my limited income.  However, if I knew I had the chance to purchase tickets to the Michigan game, that is an entirely different ballgame.

Why on earth would anyone buy something without knowing exactly what they are buying?  There is not one establishment that would stay in business with this type of asinine practice.  During the past four years, I have written President E. Gordon Gee, Athletic Director Gene Smith and Alumni Association President Archie Griffin numerous times in an attempt to have them change this preposterous policy.  In response, I have received letters from various university and alumni personnel trying to explain the rational for this policy.  However, not one of their replies adequately explains the logic behind this ludicrous policy.

I rely on the generously of relatives to purchase my two alumni tickets and take me to a game.  Last year, my daughter purchased the tickets but by the time we found out what game we were to attend, she had already made reservations to be on vacation in Florida.  As a result she was struck holding two costly tickets to a game we could not attend.  This scenario alone is ample reason why OSU should change this policy.

Am I the only alum who finds this practice disgraceful?  This policy reeks of superciliousness and should be changed immediately.  If OSU does not feel required to change this procedure, then we, the alumni of The Ohio State University should boycott all alumni events and sporting contests.  Now is the time to Occupy Ohio Stadium and the OSU Athletic Ticket Office until this outrageous policy is reversed!

Steven H. Spring
OSU, Class of ‘87