Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Pervert (With Apologies To Senator Franken)

Fox television pundit Rush Limbaugh has sunk to a new low in political commentary even by the minimal standards of the Fox News channel.  It was shameful when Limbaugh blasted a young female college student who testified before a Congressional hearing last week concerning a proposed requirement that insurance companies fund birth-control contraception, calling her a slut and a prostitute, but Limbaugh further ranted that if she was having sex on his dime, then she should post video of herself having sexual intercourse online for him to watch.

Limbaugh then proceeded to embarrass himself further with his half-hearted apology in which he never did fully apologize for his comments but claimed his repugnant remarks were something that only those evil, mean-spirited liberals would say.  Limbaugh is one of the Republican Party’s most influential voices, and as such most Republicans have shied away from speaking out against these appalling comments.  One conservative who did speak out was commentator George Will who opined that many Republican leaders are not afraid of bombing another nation but are afraid to speak out against Rush Limbaugh.  Leading Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has stated that the liberal response regarding this issue has been outrageous after denouncing Limbaugh’s vile diatribe only that he would have used different words.  What is outrageous was the verbal assault on Sandra Fluke by Rush Limbaugh and the Republican political machine and the lack of sympathy toward Miss. Fluke by a political party that likes to think itself as compassionate conservative.

As a political party that is so vehemently anti-abortion, wouldn’t you think every Republican would be very much in favor of contraception?  Do Republicans not understand that by refusing to cover birth-control contraception with health insurance coverage, this will only lead to an increase in abortions?  What is really ironic concerning the whole debate over female birth-control contraception is that nearly every other commercial on television now a days is for Viagra or any of the other similar male sexual stimulates that are covered by the health insurance industry.

Steven H. Spring