Doonesbury Censorship

Next week, the Columbus Dispatch will be censoring Doonesbury because of the graphic nature of the comic strip’s abortion story line.  The newspaper reported that Universal Press Syndicate, the publisher of the strip, has stated that it would not be surprised if 20-30 out of the 1,400 newspapers that carry Doonesbury decide to censor the strip by running replacement strips being offered.

Are the folks that run the Dispatch serious?  Columbus is one of only 20-30 out of 1,400 newspapers that believe the comic strip too graphic to carry it?  Columbus must not be as big a metropolis as it likes to think itself.  The Dispatch’s subscribers can read about the abortion debate on the front page of the paper and hear about it all day long on the twenty-four hour news channels, but if Doonesbury chooses to discuss it, the powers that be at the newspaper decides to ban it.

Call me a liberal if you want, which I proudly am, but I believe Doonesbury to be the best comic strip published.  To censor it over the abortion debate is asinine.  Shame on the Columbus Dispatch for deciding its readers too immature to read one particular comic strip that decides to address the most passionately discussed issue of the day!

Steven H. Spring




2 thoughts on “Doonesbury Censorship

  1. Their ombudsman wrote, “We don’t believe such content belongs on the comics pages with Family Circus, Ziggy and Peanuts.” Any of you smartasses want to take a stab at recaptioning Family Circus, Ziggy and Peanuts?

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