Why Are Cars Smiling At Us?

Is it just me, or has any one else noticed that just about every new car on the road all have that same sh*t eating grin to them, like they and the engineers that design them know they have everyone over a barrel.  A barrel of crude oil that is.  It’s as if they are mocking us, knowing they have complete domination over our very lives.  Several few years ago, I saw a program on the history of gasoline and learned that there was a Canadian man who received two patents many years ago for a carburetor that got one hundred miles per gallon of gas.  Needless to say, he was bought out by a petroleum company.

We now have cars that can parallel park themselves and engineers are working on vehicles that will one day drive themselves, yet we are still driving cars and trucks that for the most part get the same minimal gas mileage as that of decades ago.  I’m no conspiracy theorist, however it seems to me that there is only one industry that does not want cars to get one hundred miles per gallon, that being the petroleum industry.  And besides, how often does any one parallel park these days?

Steven H. Spring