Baylor Bears’ Hideous Uniforms

Never in my life have I rooted against a sports team because of their uniforms; however, that all changed this weekend while watching an N.C.A.A. national quarterfinal basketball game between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Baylor Bears.  The uniforms worn by Baylor were hideous.  They quite possibly are the ugliest uniforms ever worn by a sports team.  Besides being repugnant, I do not believe that I have ever seen a bear with tiger stripes.

America in general has become a country that cares very little about its appearance and now that attitude has permeated our sports culture as well.  Pride might be one of the seven deadly sins; however, the complete lack of self-respect in one’s appearance should be cause of great embarrassment not only to the individual, but also to society as a whole.

Steven H. Spring






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