The Marshall Tucker Band

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The Marshall Tucker Band is a southern rock band hailing from Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA, that blends country, rock and the blues into their unique type of music.  Though the band still continues to this day (they played at the Georgia State Fair last night (April 28th)), their heyday was the 1970s.  The original line-up was Doug Gray on vocals, Toy Caldwell (1947-1993) on lead guitar and vocals, George McCorkle (1946-2007) on rhythm guitar, Tommy Caldwell (1949-1980) on bass guitar, Jerry Eubanks on flute and sax and Paul Riddle on drums.  Toy Caldwell was a much overlooked guitar player and deserves recognition as one of the greatest guitarists in all of rock and roll history.

Marshall Tucker took their name from a blind piano tuner who had rented the warehouse space prior to the band renting for rehearsals and his name was inscribed on the warehouse key.  Their 1974 double album “Where We All Belong,” which was half studio and half live recordings is their true masterpiece and is a must have album for fans of this musical genre.

These photos were shot at Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio, USA sometime probably in the early 1980s.


Note: A friend called to tell me that they had checked out these photos and thought that several looked terrible.  I then stopped over at his place to see for myself and was embarrassed by what I saw.  Looking at the photos on my computer, they looked exactly as they should.  However, looking at them on a different computer, they did indeed looked terrible.  I am going to contact the WordPress support staff to see what they have to say about this problem.  I hope than none of the other photos I have posted this past year on WordPress have had similar results.  I apologize to anyone that have looked at my photos only to find the quality severely lacking in appearance.

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