Flowers #224C

This photo of a flowering hosta was shot just inches outside the front door of my apartment.  It is another one of my favorite photos of the thousands I have shot of flowers during the past 15 years.  In order to enlarge both this photo and Flowers #224B to the size I wanted to post both to, I could not post them as a slideshow.  As such, I could not choose between the two as to which one I liked best, so I posted both of them.  Flowers #224C has more color (I am color-blind so forgive me if the color I tweaked isn’t quit right), however #224B has a little more detail.

Note : Sometimes I will double-check the quality level of photographs I have posted on on a computer at my local library to verify that the quality of the photographs posted are the same on a computer different from my own.  On more than one occasion, I have been embarrassed by what I saw.  I have tried contacting support to see what could be causing this problem, but have yet to determine what is the exact cause.

If I am fortunate enough to have you view my work, and you find the quality of my photographs lacking, please let me know via a viewer comment.

Steven H. Spring







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