Are America’s Best Days Behind Her?

With a reported one million households and businesses still without electricity a week after two freak, hurricane force storms wrecked havoc across the entire eastern half of our nation, there is a very simple solution to ensure that future storms will not cause the type of damage to this country’s electrical grid as witnessed on June 29th and July 1st.  Not only would my recommendation prevent future power outages, but it would also jump-start our ailing economy as well by putting the American workforce back to work, earning a living wage (not to be confused with the minimum wage) in which to adequately raise their families.

The solution to this problem is to completely overhaul this nation’s entire outdated, overloaded and rapidly deteriorating infrastructure.  While we are replacing our entire system of roads, bridges and highways, we should replace not only our century old sewer system but bury all electrical, telephone and television cables as well.  These cables should be installed inside some sort of PVC pipe, or something similar as to allow for future updating and replacing of lines without having to tear up the asphalt or concrete roadwork.  By burying all our electrical cables, not only will we be rid of all those hideous overhead wires, but also fallen tree limbs will never again knock out power.

These recommendations would be very costly and would take many decades to implement, however our entire infrastructure is in dire need of updating and replacing.  There is a very simple solution to paying for this expensive agenda: cut our $1.5 trillion annual military/intelligence budget in half.  Our roads and highways are crumbling, our sewer system is one hundred years old and our electrical grid is vastly outdated.  Just yesterday, President Obama signed into law a $105 billion transportation bill to finance transportation projects for the next twenty-seven months, creating three million jobs.  However, this bill provides just a small fraction of the work required just to keep up with the needed repairs on our degenerating system of roads and highways.  And if this two-week heat wave in which the entire eastern half of the United States experienced 100 degree temperatures is an indication of thing to come as our planet warms due to the burning of fossil fuels, our current electrical grid will be overwhelmed as air conditioners attempt to keep us cool.

Once upon a time, America accomplished great things.  Those days apparently have ended.

Steven H. Spring







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