Flowers #51B, 26A, 110A & 52A

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The flower Fuchsia was first discovered on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola (present day Dominican Republic and Haiti) by French monk and botanist Charles Plumier in 1703.  There are now more than one hundred known species, mostly located in Central and South America.  Mr. Plumier named the plant after German botanist Leonhart Fuchs.  Although this plant is both beautiful and unique in appearance, I find it somewhat difficult to photograph as it flowers downward.

Note: I sometimes will double-check the quality level of photographs I have posted on on a computer at my local library to verify that the quality of the photographs posted are the same on a computer different from my own.  On more than one occasion, I have been embarrassed by what I saw.  I have tried contacting support to see what could be causing this problem, but have yet to determine what the exact cause is.

I have also yet to figure out what is causing the uploaded photographs to look slightly askew when viewing the finished posting.  This is not the case of the actual photograph scanned onto my computer (yes, I still proudly shoot film) nor when I first upload them into my blog page.  Again, I am embarrassed by the final product, as it appears that I care very little by their actual appearance.  As a neat freak and a perfectionist (both a blessing and a curse), this is far from the truth.

If I am fortunate enough to have you view my work, and you find the quality of my photographs lacking, please let me know via a viewer comment.

Steven H. Spring



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