U.S. Presidential Election Campaign Advertisements

Has there ever been a better presidential election campaign commercial advertisement than the current one sponsored by President Barack Obama in which presumed Republican candidate Mitt Romney is trying his darndest to sing “America The Beautiful” while graphics detailing both Romney’s business practice of outsourcing jobs overseas while CEO of Bain Capital and his personal financial philosophy of hiding his vast wealth in overseas tax havens such as Switzerland, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands to avoid paying his fair share of income tax scroll along the screen?

Whichever campaign advisor who recommended that Mr. Romney sing what many perceive to be our second national anthem during a campaign appearance at a retirement village in Florida just days after the president so soulfully sang a couple of lines from Al Green’s classic song “Let’s Stay Together” when he appeared at a fundraiser at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem this past January should have been fired immediately!

Steven H. Spring





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