Presidential Campaign Commercials

As a political junkie, I love politics as much as the next addict.  However, election campaigns in America have turned into nothing more than thirty or sixty-second sound bite commercials that seem to have absolutely nothing to do with neither facts nor reality.

The latest example of one party or candidate purposely distorting the truth involves presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who in his latest commercial shows President Obama appearing to be stating that entrepreneurs did little to create their business, that they did not build it, it was our government that deserves all the credit.

However, anyone who heard the president’s entire comment knows this commercial is not accurate.  What President Obama really said was that it was because of government’s investment in infrastructure and education, among other tangible assets, that made it possible for any entrepreneur’s business to be successful, in that if not for roads built by taxpayers, and an educated workforce, it would be almost impossible for a business to get its goods built and to market.

The problem with the president’s comments was that he did not eloquently state it much as Elizabeth Warren did a few months back during her Massachusetts senatorial campaign.  And if truth be told, Mitt Romney said very much the same thing ten years ago to Olympic athletes while he was, in his own words, helping “save the Olympic games.”

Steven H. Spring





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