Comparison Of Mitt Romney’s Taxes Versus Mine

It is rather ironic that we have a Republican candidate for president of the United States of America who hides millions of dollars in notorious overseas tax havens such as Bermuda, The Cayman Islands and Switzerland, yet the village of South Charleston, Ohio, has subpoenaed me to appear before them to explain why I did not file a tax return for the year ended 2010, having done so for three years.  Is it really any business of the village why I did not file a tax return?

If any one really wants to know, the reason why I did not file a tax return is that I had to quit my part-time job working nine and a half hours a week earning $5.00 an hour (well below federally mandated minimum wage) mowing the grass for my apartment complex because of health problems.  As for Mitt Romney, the reason why any one hides their millions of dollars in foreign tax shelters is to secrete their money from Uncle Sam in order to avoid paying their fair share of taxes!

Steven H. Spring






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