It’s Only Just A Matter Of Time!

While pickin’ a little this past Saturday night, plugged in, headphones on, as to be able to play as loud as tolerable and not offend my neighbors, I was watching the Tennessee-Florida football game, all the while having programmed the TV to switch over to the Southern Cal-Stanford game at 7:30 before catching the start of Michigan State-Notre Dame game at 8:00.  I would eventually end up watching whichever game developed into the best contest for the evening.  A big hearty thanks goes out to the Zenith Radio Corporation, who in 1950 designed the first remote control for a television, which had the rather ironic name of Lazy Bones.

It was while watching the Fox network opening for the Southern Cal-Notre Dame game that made me wonder which was worse; was it those idiots who produced a twenty-minute movie that ridiculed one billion Muslims, who not long along thanked America for finally removing some tyrannical dictator long kept in power by U.S. might, be it dollars, hi-grade weapons, or both. Or was it the Fox network for doing a comical satire of a military assault on the two game announcers who for some unknown reason needed saving.  I never did figure out the joke as a commando or two’s head exploded, covering the announcers in some sort of pink slime, I believe as I am colored blind.

Four days after this nation mourned the eleventh anniversary of September 11th, we have begun mocking the admirable tasks as performed by this nation’s military, all the while this nation is still at war.  Four days after riots broke out in many Middle East cities, that resulted in the death of the US ambassador to Libya and three others because someone thought it funny to once again poke fun at one of the world‘s oldest and preeminent religions, we make light of a very serious and deadly matter.  How long will it be before we celebrate 9/11 (I never did think it patriotic calling it that) as all other national holidays?  It will most likely be turned into a three-day holiday weekend, with government workers having the day off and newspapers and the airwaves saturated for several weeks with crass mass advertising.  It’s only just a matter of time!

Steven H. Spring






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