Should ESPN Suspend College GameDay Host Chris Fowler?

October 8, 2012

This past Saturday morning, during ESPN’s television broadcast of its college football pre-game show College GameDay, host Chris Fowler committed a very serious lack of judgment.  In discussing the pending match-up between Notre Dame and the University of Miami, Mr. Fowler referred to the game as Catholics versus convicts.  As a fan of college football for nearly fifty years, I know that Miami once liked to promote itself as a team of thugs, even going to the extreme of wearing military combat fatigues to the 1987 Fiesta Bowl, a game that pitted the number one ranked Hurricanes against number two ranked Penn State Nittany Lions, a bowl game in which many sports commentators referred to as good versus evil.  However, I seriously doubt that this prestigious university is proud of such a dubious honor.

Just last month, the Notre Dame radio network suspended former Irish player turned analyst Allen Pinkett for three games without pay for his comment that “That’s just how Ohio State used to win all the time.  They would have two or three guys that were criminals and that just adds to the chemistry of the team.”  Is Mr. Fowler’s comment any less politically incorrect or insensitive than that of Mr. Pinkett’s?

As a life-long Buckeye, I have never been a fan of the Hurricanes; however, I found the comment made by Mr. Fowler disgraceful and in extremely poor taste.  Just as Mr. Pinkett was suspended, ESPN should suspend Mr. Fowler without pay for three weeks as well.

Steven H. Spring
The Ohio State University, Class of ‘87