Is This The End Of The World As We Know It?

This, most likely will be my last posting on  With the re-election of President Barack Obama last night, civilization as we know it will surely come to an immediate end.   The first thing to go most likely will be our electrical grid, which will lead to the rapid decent into Armageddon as governments crumble and citizens will be force to fend for themselves.  The Mayans were right; we have only a little more than one month until our world as we know it comes to a merciful end on December 21, 2012.

Why, one might ask why the apocalyptic forecast?  It seems that many hardcore Republican supporters seriously believe that life will come to an abrupt end with President Obama’s re-election and implementation of his draconian policies, such as his Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (i.e., ObamaCare).  Is it really such a terrible thing for all Americans to have some sort of health insurance?  No, it is disgraceful for a prosperous nation such as the United States to have nearly fifty million citizens without adequate health care coverage.  President Obama entered office four years ago facing an economic crisis many economists were predicting to be as severe as that of the Great Depression.  He inherited two unfunded and unnecessary wars, two unfunded massive tax cuts mainly benefiting the wealthy elite, a collapsing auto industry and a housing market whose bubble had just burst.  Dire consequences individually on their own, however, when combined created a perfect storm of economic catastrophe.  When you integrate these economic disasters together with the fact that Republican members of Congress did absolutely nothing to help the president implement sound policies to turn the economy around during the past four years, it there really any wonder why the economy is still in critical condition?  The true underlying problem with the American economy is that the manufacturing industry, which was the backbone of the middle class, began its exodus nearly forty years ago when steel plants moved overseas in search of extremely low wages.

In my nearly fifty years of following politics, I do not believe there has been a more hated and feared president than Mr. Obama.  Why is it that so many Republicans actually believe the president to be both a Muslim and Kenyan, despite all evidence to the contrary?  I find it rather ironic that many Republicans believe Obama to be a member of the Islamic faith, yet they can immediately name the Christian pastor whose church the president attended for twenty years, who baptized him, married him and baptized his two daughters.

On the very night that President and Mrs. Obama were celebrating his inauguration four years ago, more than fifteen top Republican congressional leaders and strategists met during a private dinner in Washington, D.C. to plot ways to defeat both the newly elected president’s policies and his re-election bid.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky opined three years ago that his number one priority was to see that President Obama does not get re-elected.  These Republican leaders should be ashamed and embarrassed by this manner of thinking.  Their constituents should be disgusted by this disgraceful ideological indifference by their Congressional representatives who put themselves and their party before their country.

As for me, I do not have time to dwell on such nonsense.  I have thousands of empty gallon milk jugs to fill with water before the apocalypse rears its ugly head.

Steven H. Spring






One thought on “Is This The End Of The World As We Know It?

  1. I’ll offer a few reasons why the President has encountered such a backlash from approximately 50% of the population. The following are examples of the President violating the Constitution:

    !. (1st Amendment violation)
    Forcing Catholics (and other religious groups) to provide birth control, tubal litigation, and morning-after abortifacients (These kill fertilized eggs).

    The recent ‘accommodation’ was pure politics. The President said that Catholics and Protestants must still provide these through the ‘proxy’ of their insurance companies. There is a minority of Catholics who are 100% Obama cheerleaders who approached him about this and he ‘accommodated’ the religion in a political sense.

    Let’s not forget that when he was a US Senator, the President voted to allow the murder of born fetuses that survived an abortion.

    2. (1st Amendment violation) He violated the 1st amendment again when he refused a grant to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops because of their pro-life stance. They wanted money for human-trafficking victims. It is against the Constitution to make decisions based on a groups religion.

    3. Appointees to the National Labor Relations Board (a pure socialist entity) while Congress was in session. CLEARLY against the Constitution. Did you know that one of these appointees had already been rejected by the Senate? (A guy named Richard Cordray). The Constitution provides that Presidential appointments can only be made when the Senate is not in session.

    4. He violated the Constitution when he ordered the DOJ to not defend an Act of Congress, the Defense of Marriage Act. Although this is US federal law, passed by Congress, he ordered the DOJ to not defend the law in court.

    5. He violated the Constitution 2 ways when he signed the Dodd-Frank legislation into law. This enables the government to seize property (Due Process Clause). The law he signed also created administrative jobs that are not vetted by the Senate as required by the Appointments Clause.

    Before I go on…think about the BILLIONS of dollars he has given to middle eastern countries in support of the values of liberty, justice, and freedom. WHILE HE STOMPS ON OUR VALUES HERE. Of course, thousands of young soldiers are dead or maimed for this ‘cause’.

    6. Murdering US citizens is another of his ‘stomps’ on the Constitution. When these drone strikes in Pakistan, on his orders, killed Americans who left the country and took-up with the Islamist terrorists he threw-out due process. There was no arrest, no charges, no trial. They are dead. Maybe they should be dead….but this is classic ‘The ends justify the means’ doctrine.
    Once that gets started, who will stop it? Who draws the line? Does a future CZAR begin making life or death decisions based on some perceived ‘crossing of the line’? Exactly where is the line drawn? This is going down a bad road and is not too very different than lynching.

    Obama believes in the Constitution except when he determines that it is not in the best interest of our country.

    This are my opinions. They are not copied from another source – they are only how I perceive how I view these actions in relation to the Constitution.
    Just Sayin’ old friend of the blogger

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