Muddy Waters #102A, 104A, 106A, 107A & 108A

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McKinley Morganfield (aka Muddy Waters) was born on April 4, 1913 in Jug’s Corner, Mississippi.  Although he first started playing the blues on harmonica, by age 17 Muddy was playing local parties and juke joints on acoustic guitar.  In 1940, Waters moved to Chicago for the first time but soon returned to Mississippi.  During 1943, he returned to Chicago for good.  In 1945, Muddy was given his first electric guitar from his uncle, Joe Grant, and the rest as they say is history.  In 1950, Muddy recorded Rollin’ Stone, a song one decade later five young white, English lads would take as the name of their band, who would become the world’s greatest rock and roll band, The Rolling Stones.  Over the years, Waters would have as his backing band some of the most respected sidemen in blues history, including Little Walter, Jimmy Rogers, Pinetop Perkins, Otis Spann, James Cotton, Calvin “Fuzz” Jones and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith.

In 1977, Waters recorded Hard Again, a comeback album of sorts, that featured Johnny Winter on guitar, producer and miscellaneous screaming.  The first song on the album is a blistering, powerful remake of his 1955 classic, Mannish Boy.  For anyone who is not familiar with the music of Mr. Waters, this is the album to start with.  If I could only own twelve albums, this would be one.  Listening to the CD as I type, track six has just begun, The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock And Roll.  Yes, indeed!

These photos were shot at a very small bar on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, USA, and as such the lighting was not very conducive to one wanting to photograph arguably the greatest bluesman of all time.  As a matter of fact, of the two or three rolls of film I shot that night, only one print actually looked worthy of posting on my blog.  All others came back underdeveloped.  With the use of my computer, I was able to adjust the color and contrast levels to make them presentable.  The one print that looked half-way decent didn’t even make the final cut to this post.  And as always, what appears on your computer screen never compares to my original print or scan.

I have always thought the location of this show was Stache’s & Little Brothers.  However, when doing some research it seems the location was a place called the High Street Brewing Company, but this might be the same locale, only under a different name.  The date of the show was either Sunday February 8, 1981 or Tuesday November 3, 1981, as it seems that Waters played at this bar twice during that year.

Muddy Waters passed away in Chicago on April 30, 1983.  The blues are rock and roll and Muddy Waters is the blues!

Steven H. Spring


6 thoughts on “Muddy Waters #102A, 104A, 106A, 107A & 108A

  1. My husband was at both Muddy Waters’ shows at Stache’s and Little Brothers on those dates. I would be interested to see more pictures if you still have them.

    • Diane, thanks for checking out my photographs!!! I’m sure I have some more photos from the show, but because of the poor lighting (for photography purposes), these were not some of my best concert photos. However, because they’re of Muddy Waters, that makes them priceless!!! I only wish I had my digital camera back them. Back in the day, I would shoot 6-8 rolls of 36 exposure film at a concert (because of the poor lighting at Stache’s, I probably only shot a couple of rolls). If I had my digital camera back then, I would have probably shot 5,000 photos, if not more.

      I will check out which photos I posted and see about posting some more. Give me some time, because it’s flower season and that keeps me busy. I’m either working in my garden, shooting pictures or working on the computer. That leaves me little time to play my guitars, which is my true love. I just finished shooting around 700 photos of an Orchid I picked up last night at Wal-Mart.

      I will keep your email as a reminder, and when I post some more of Muddy I will let you know. If your husband’s like me, he probably saw a lot of shows in Columbus when we were much younger.


  2. Sunday feb 8 at the high street brewing company which was different than stache’s. Closer to campus. 1576 n. High. I can send you a photo of the flier if you want.

    • Marisa, thanks for checking out my photographs!!! I hope the photos you saw were better than the ones I saw just now when I checked out the post. I don’t know why, but WordPress has a history of changing concert photos that I post. I always post a finished, edited version of the original 4×6 print, but it never fails that over time, WordPress changes the photos to the unedited ones. The photos I saw just now of Muddy were terrible. I believe I reposted these photos a year ago.

      The flier you mentioned, is that a flier from the Waters’ show? If so, in one of my boxes of photographs, I found a flier from the show. Thanks anyways!!!


  3. High Street Brewind Co. was the location I saw him at. I believe it was “The Underground” before it changed the name. I spent many nights there working in 1980 through 1981.

    • Jim, growing up in Columbus, I spent quite a few nights as well in the bars along High Street and the Sugar Shack on 4th, but never worked at any. Thanks for checking out my photos!!!


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