Christmas Down On The Farm

Growing up a city boy, how I ended up living on a farm out in the middle of nowhere is a long story.  During my ten years there, I experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows that anyone can have in life.  A very serious midlife crisis resulted in me having lost everything that matters most in life, including the proverbial farm.  Become ever more obsessive-compulsive as I age and also a result of my mid-life crisis, another few years living there, I would have most likely lit up the barn to go along with the farmhouse during the Christmas holiday season.

I have yet to figure out what is causing the uploaded photographs to look slightly askew when viewing the finished posting.  This is not the case of the actual photograph scanned onto my computer (yes, I still proudly shoot film) nor when I first uploaded them to my blog page.  Again, I am sometimes embarrassed by the final product, as it appears that I care very little by their actual appearance.  As a neat freak and a perfectionist (both a blessing and a curse), this is far from the truth.  As always, looking at my photos on does not do justice to the 4×6 photographs I hold in my hand.  If I am fortunate enough to have you view my work, and you find the quality of my photographs lacking, please let me know via a viewer comment.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and/or a Happy Holidays!!!  Here’s hoping the new year brings both peace and prosperity throughout our world!!!

Steven H. Spring