Christmas Time Without A Tree

This song is dedicated to everyone who is suffering this holiday season, but especially for divorced dads everywhere.

Christmas should be the happiest time of the year
People giving, giving, giving
Never asking for one thing in return
But for many, it’s a very painful time to fear

I asked you for a special gift one year
You never cared enough to buy it
Christmas’ came and Christmas’ gone
You never did find the time to acquire it

You once gave me love, you gave me life
I tried to give you my all; I did the best I could
But my best just was not good enough
In the end, there was just way too much emotional gruff

You never let me know what it was that you wanted
Never let me into your heart
Never let me into your life
In the end, it was just far too easy for you to part

What does this say about the love we once had
You never had any time for me
But always did for every one else
What should have been a special relationship was really quite sad

I was the bad guy, everything was always all my fault
Or so you had everyone to believe
How could I have treated you so mean
But baby, you know that things just weren’t what they seemed

You stole from me the two most valuable things you once gave me
They can never be replaced
You walk around all high and mighty
Judgment day will come one day, a price to pay you’ll see

Life and time goes on it always does seem
I sit alone on Christmas Eve, there isn’t even a tree
One thing that I can never understand
Is how it is you could ever be so mean

Christmas time is supposed to be a time of great joy and cheer
But you stole it all away from me that awful year
Christmas day and all tomorrows
For many like me it is a time of great sorrow

Steven H. Spring

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