Hayden Falls In Winter #11A

Hayden Falls #11A

Hayden Falls is a hidden treasure located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, USA.  When these photos were shot several years ago, there was no sign indicating the location of the falls, no parking and no stairs in which to descend the slippery, snow-covered hillside.  I became aware of the falls only after seeing a photograph of them twice over the years in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper.  In the past few years, I believe the city of Columbus has provided parking and stairs for which its citizens may view one of the very few, if only scenic wonders in central Ohio.

Please excuse me for not posting these three photographs into a single slideshow.  Last month, WordPress.com updated its website with a new and supposedly improved version, however, in doing so, they made it extremely more difficult to post multiple photos in this manner.  In trying to do so last night, I became very frustrated and gave up, deciding to post the photographs individually.

Happy New Year To All!!!

Steven H. Spring




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