Why Does The National Football League Not Recognize All Its Champions?

As a life-long fan of the Cleveland Browns, I find it idiotic whenever I hear highly paid, intelligent football analysts or Cincinnati Bengals fans proclaim the Browns have never played in a Super Bowl.  Though this statement might technically be factual, it is a misnomer.  What fact need be understood is that the Super Bowl is just a name given to the National Football League’s championship game by former Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt, who came up with the idea after watching his child play with a super ball.

Although Mr. Hunt did not come up with his idea for naming the championship game until the 1969 classic game won by Broadway Joe Namath and his New York Jets over the highly favored Baltimore Colts, the name Super Bowl was retroactively given to the two previous AFL-NFL championship games won by the Green Bay Packers.  However, to hear today’s football experts tell it, any championship won prior to the 1967 game does not count because the game was not called the Super Bowl.  This is a great injustice to all the championship teams and their players prior to 1967.

The Cleveland Browns began playing professional football in 1946, playing four years in the All-American Football Conference.  During the four-year existence of this league, the Browns had a combined record of 52-4-3, wining the conference championship all four years.  In 1950, The Browns joined the NFL.  In its first year in the league, the Browns won the league championship.  In fact, during their first ten years in the NFL, the Browns played in seven NFL championship games, winning three times all the while dominating the league.  The Browns won their fourth and last National Football League championship during the 1964 season.

Yet, to hear all the so-called football experts and Cincinnati Bengals fans tell it, the Browns have never played in a Super Bowl.  Not only is this statement asinine and an insult to the Cleveland Browns organization and their long-suffering fans, who proudly proclaim themselves Brownies, but it totally neglects the long history of the National Football League and the teams who won the league championship prior to 1967.

Steven H. Spring


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