Flowers #1369B, 1371B, 1387B, 1376B, 1388B, 1379D & 1390B

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June 29, 2013

Having just purchased my first digital camera, a Canon EOS 60D SLR, on the first of the month, I definitely have made up for lost time by shooting slightly less than 3,500 photos during the past three weeks.  With the exception of one photo of a rabbit darting from my garden, every single shot was of a flower.  Before the camera was delivered by my UPS driver, I decided to pick up several digital photography for dummies books at my local library, to learn not only how to operate this computer with a lens, but to learn the jargon as well.  I have taken so many photos of flowers this month that an allergy rash has broken out over my left, non-camera-focusing eye.

This past Sunday, while watching golf on television, I was reading one of the dummies books, this one about macro photography.  Owning three macro lens (a 50mm, 100mm and a 70-160mm zoom) and two extension tubes (one a 50mm, the other a 25mm).  Up until Sunday, I thought I had done a good job shooting extreme close-ups of flowers.  That all changed when I read that I was not using these lens and tubes to their fullest magnification, that being 1:1, which is considered life-size.  The only reason why I finally bought a digital camera, other than lack of money is that I recently learned there was an adapter that would allow me to use all my old Canon FD lens.  Replacing them would cost a small fortune.

When I read for 1:1 magnification, I needed to use the 50mm extension tube on the 50mm macro lens, I quickly grabbed both and the camera to check out this revelation.  Once it had stopped raining, I immediately went outside with my new toy and see how this configuration looked.  Looking at these seven photographs posted, one word comes to mind, stunning!  No, I am not patting myself on the back as a photographer, as all credit must be given to the Man above who created such beauty!  I just took the pictures.

Steven H. Spring


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