Sunset Over The Pacific #112C, 113D, 115B & 113B

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July 13, 2013

Sometime during 1981, bound for a road trip that could be taken straight out of On The Road or especially Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, four individuals, including this photographer left Columbus, Ohio in a massive recreational vehicle, heading for California after making a very short stop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We did also have Mary Jane and Timothy Leary along for the ride as well.  Although I had never driven such a vehicle, I did drive nearly ninety percent of the trip.  By the time we returned home, a mere seven days later, only two of us could say they made the entire journey.  One was dropped off in Minneapolis, the other caught a flight during our return trip home, I believe out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma heading also back to Minneapolis.

These photographs were shot somewhere between Los Angeles and San Diego, where we pulled over to spend the night before heading up to LA the following morning.  I believe I shot at least one roll of 36 exposures for every day we were on the road, even thought this was not a sightseeing trip.  To view what I consider the best, or at least my favorite of this series of the same sunset, please see my post Sunset Over The Pacific #111B.

Steven H. Spring


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