The Ballad Of Trayvon Martin

July 14, 2013

Once again, it is America’s archaic wild, wild west gun laws and now “stand your ground” laws in thirty states that all but give a shooter the legal right to kill anyone if they feel “threatened” that has resulted in one man walking away apparently free from any legal consequences while a seventeen year old young man lay dead in one more senseless shooting that never should have happened.  As George Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges late Saturday night, and having listened to former prosecutors and defense attorneys giving their opinions throughout the course of the trial, it seems to me that like the OJ Simpson murder trial, the prosecution was out-lawyered during this trial.  I had never heard of MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom, a former prosecutor, before this trial began, however I firmly believe had she been the lead prosecutor for this case, George Zimmerman would not be a free man today.

I must admit that this is certainly not one of the better songs/poems that I have attempted to write, as I wanted to finish it by the time the jury returned its verdict.  Given more time, and thanks to the editing capabilities of word processors, I will be able to make additional proof readings and make any changes I see fit in the days to come.  Hopefully, I am a much better photographer and guitarist than I am a writer or poems and songs.  However, that may be due only to the fact that I have spent many more thousands of hours shooting pictures and playing my guitars than I have writing songs.  That being said, the following is dedicated to the slain young man’s family.

The Ballad Of Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin, never stood a chance
Shot down in cold blood by a man who wanted street cred
Poor George Zimmerman, he wouldn’t have done anything differently, he said
Didn’t have any choice in a shooting that left young Martin dead

“Fuckin’ punks, these assholes always get away”
Were the words Zimmerman used when calling non-emergency 911
Based only on the color of his target’s skin and the clothes he wore
Pity poor Sybrina Fulton, she had to bury her teenage son

The lawyers say Trayvon Martin was the aggressor, it was he who stated the fight
Snuck up from the dark and sucker punched the neighborhood watch captain
Bashing Zimmerman’s head down against the sidewalk
His attorneys said in court over and over again and again

Busted poor George’s nose, and giving him cuts on the back of his head
He was the one screaming for help the attorneys said
Martin had his hands over Zimmerman’s bloody nose and mouth they assailed
However, the dead boy had no blood or DNA under any of his fingernails

Thought he was a cop, talking the policeman’s jargon
“They always come out at night,” George Zimmerman had said
It was God’s plan he told a popular talk show host
For him to shoot the young man dead

Witness after witness testified that they saw Zimmerman on top during the fight for life
Trayvon was armed with a concrete sidewalk was what the attorneys said in defense of their man
Blows were raining down by the assailant from above MMA style
Yet it was Zimmerman who had this type of training, Martin had only one small cut to his hands

The gun magazine was fully loaded and one in the chamber, locked and loaded, ready to fire
The defense team tried to say Trayvon was up to no good
Tried to run if only he could, but shot down where he stood
Profiling indeed, as he was nothin’ but a young black man in a hood…ie

George Zimmerman had an attitude and a loaded gun
Young Trayvon Martin was armed with only a 20 ounce ice tea and a bag of Skittles
Stalked like an animal, poor Trayvon Martin didn’t stand a chance
Now he won’t be able to attend his high school’s senior dance

A “creepy-ass cracker” was following him was what he told his friend Rachel Jeantel
Then the sound of headphones hitting the ground and him yelling “Get off! Get off”
There seems to be little doubt that it was George Zimmerman
The life of Trayvon Martin he did steal

Disclosure: For approximately twenty-five years, I have loved the candy Skittles.  And to further muddy my way of thinking defense lawyers might argue, sweet ice tea has been my drink of choice for more than fifty years.  I will admit to having on more than one occasion boasting that I make the best ice tea in the world.  However, I do not believe these facts had any bearing of my interpretation regarding the facts of this case.  And, this disclosure was in no way written to make light of such a tragic incident.

Steven H. Spring

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