Insects #287B, 302D, 296D, 293B, 290C, 294B, 295B, 298C & 299B

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August 31, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I went with a neighbor to his mother’s house to shoot some flowers.  Although she had a very large, beautiful yard with many flowering shrubs and bushes along with quite a few individual flower gardens, I was somewhat disappointed because most of them were past their seasonal peak, in that they had already bloomed or the blooms had lost much of their luster.

However, my disappointment soon changed to amazement in an instant.  I was shooting away in her backyard, when all of a sudden this very exotic looking insect appeared in my camera’s viewfinder.  Needless to say, I started shooting as many photos as I could while the bug was quickly flying from one bloom to another, sucking on Mother Nature’s sweet nectar.  I have no idea what type of insect this is.  It flew like a hummingbird and appeared to be about the same size as one, however with fur/hair on its back and behind, and with six legs, I would not think it was a bird.

I came away from this outing with very few really good photographs of flowers, however, these photos of this insect definitely made up for it.

Steven H. Spring

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