The 65th Emmy Awards Show Protest Moment

September 23, 2013

Catching the tail end of the New York Jets-Buffalo Bills football game Sunday night after watching the Indianapolis Colts beat up on the San Francisco 49ers, and waiting for that night’s game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears to come on, I decided to put the headphones on and try to keep up with Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry’s 1980 debut solo album “Let The Music Do The Talking.”  There are four incredible songs on the album in which I really love to practice my lead picking along with.  They give me quite a workout.

After the Jets-Bills game ended, the 65th Emmy Awards show came on.  Normally, I would never watch any awards show, as it seems to me America gives itself far too many awards considering the sorry condition that this nation finds itself in.  As a matter of fact, I have a song in progress where I mock the ridiculousness of these awards and list nearly every major entertainment award given.  Needless to say, the list is nearly endless.  However, since I had the headphones on, it didn’t matter what was on TV.

During Neal Patrick Harris’ opening segment, he had many late night talk show hosts up on stage with him.  However, they then showed a close-up of Kevin Spacey, who turned around in his seat and I assume was talking into the camera.  Not having a clue as to what was going on, I did notice something very peculiar, that being Spacey had an American flag pinned to his lapel.  What caught my eye was the flag was being worn upside-down.

I would presume most people would probably think he had it pinned on upside-down by accident.  However, this being liberal Hollywood and I knew from watching a movie several years ago that this was no accident but a political statement.  I believe it was the Tommy Lee Jones movie “In The Valley Of Elah” which was about the effects of war on soldiers.  During the beginning of the movie, a janitor is raising the American flag at a school, when he raises it upside-down.  Jones is driving by and stops to correct the janitor.  He tells the man that raising a flag upside-down is the international signal of distress.  Towards the very end of the movie, the man is raising the flag once more, and this time, Jones has the man do so upside-down, making a very poignant statement.

Hopefully, I have the correct name of the movie.  If not, someone please correct me via a comment, as this is a very good movie and one I would highly recommend.  It has a very good premise about the true horrors of war, something this nation fails to realize, not only on the one percent of Americans that actually serve in the military but also the populace of the nations where the battles are actually fought.

Steven H. Spring


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