U.S. Government Shuts Down

October 1, 2013

Pity those poor Republican members of the United State Congress.  Those uncompromising, deceitful, hatred-filled Democrats forced them to shut down the federal government, all because President Barack Obama had the audacity to get a health care bill passed into law three years ago, giving all Americans health insurance, something most every other industrialized nation provides its citizens.  The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act was passed by both houses of Congress, signed into law by the president, upheld by United States Supreme Court (that bastion of political liberalism) and was even approved by the majority of voting Americans this past November when they re-elected the president over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, who ran on the premise of repealing the health care law, even though, as governor of Massachusetts, implemented the very same health care program that the so-called ObamaCare is based.  RomneyCare was based on an initiative proposed by the Heritage Foundation, itself a very conservative organization, so why all the Republican outrage over a health care plan created basically by the Republican Party.

U.S. presidents had been trying to implement some form of universal health care for seventy-five years, until President Obama was finally able to get it done.  We subsidize Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agra and most likely every other big business along with giving the uber rich numerous tax cuts as well as subsidizing their million dollar mansions via the home mortgage deduction and it seems that we start a new war every other month, yet providing health care for the working poor is just too much to ask.  Congress recently had to cut food stamp benefits to the poor just so they could give Big Agra and the owners of mega-farms their desperately need farm subsidies.

Republicans have bent over backwards in the attempt to work with not only their fellow Democratic members of Congress and the president; yet, those terrible Democrats refuse to work with them in the best interest of the nation.  The president even chooses to eat alone and watch movies alone instead of inviting Republican members of Congress over for a political get together.  The nerve of this uppity president.  Jon Stewart probably said it best on his show last night, after showing several sound bits of Republican Congressmen whining that the president can successfully negotiate with the Russians, Syrians and Iranians, but not Republicans, when he concluded that maybe the problem isn’t the president.  In what may be the most ironic issue concerning the government shut down, members of Congress who created this self-induced political catastrophe will be paid, while members of our military, who are fighting our ongoing wars, will not.  This is a disgrace!

Many Republican members of Congress have appeared ecstatic on camera in recent days while leaving hearing rooms after discussing the proposed shut down.  They refuse to call the health care law by its proper name, preferring instead to use the intended derogatory title ObamaCare.  They even refuse to call it a law, instead refer to it as a bill, even though it has been a law for three years.  What’s that old saying, repeat a lie often enough and people will eventually believe it true.  It has also been reported that Congress is thinking about creating an exemption from the Affordable Care Act for the federal government, which just so happens to be the nation’s largest employer.

The 113th Congress appears headed to becoming not only the least productive but also that of most despised in this nation’s relatively short history.  Eighty-seven percent of Americans recently polled said they disapprove of Congress, while only ten percent said they approve.  Even if this shut down is adverted, or is settled within a matter of days, we still have another pending self-inflected crisis looming on October 17th.  It is on that date that Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has determined the country will reach its current debt-ceiling limit.  As always the case in recent years, you just know the Democratic Party will turn what should be a very simple procedure to increase the debt ceiling as to be able to pay its already spent funds into a political football, and most likely will once again threaten to shut down the American government.

Free thinkers will surely get the gist of this post.  Lemmings, most likely will not.

Steven H. Spring


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