Allstate Good Hands Good Deed?

November 8, 2013

Since Allstate has updated their good hands, good deed declarations during college football games to assert that they have now donated $3.2 million dollars to fund college general scholarships, it is only right that I update and repost my blog criticizing the insurance conglomerate for having the audacity to boast about such a trifling dollar amount considering all the free advertising it receives each week.

Anyone who watches college football knows all to well that the Allstate Good Hands logo is placed advantageously in a great many stadiums across the country in the middle of the netting that is raised behind the goal posts on point after touchdowns and field goal attempts in order to prevent the kicked football from going into the stands.  At first glance, it appears that Allstate is doing a great deed by donating money to fund college scholarships.  However, when you consider all the free publicity the company receives all season long, generosity might not be the best word to describe Allstate’s publicity stunt.

How many times are these logos shown during the course of each season for every college and university stadium that allows these netting logos?  How many times every year do game announcers proclaim to its viewers that Allstate has donated $3.2 million for college scholarships?  Every time the logo-laden netting is raised or the announcers make the proclamation, it is the equivalent one more free commercial for the insurance conglomerate.

I know not what a thirty-second commercial airing during a typical college football game costs, however for all the free advertising that it receives every year; Allstate should be embarrassed that it has donated only $3.2 million to fund college scholarships.  Allstate should have donated at least ten times that amount, if not one hundred times more than it has before it boasts of its good deed.

Steven H. Spring
The Ohio State University, Class of ‘87


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