Plattsburg Farm At Christmas #19F.

Plattsburg Farm At Christmas #19F

December 20, 2013

Those of you who happened to see my post this past Saturday will recognize this photograph as very similar to the other.  This was taken fifteen years ago with 35mm film.  I then scanned the 4×6 print onto my computer.  After I had posted the previous version, I decided to try one more time at editing the shot.  What I did not like about it was the cut corn stalks poking up through the snow in the foreground.  I had darken the original image as much as I could without losing both barns to the nighttime sky, but those corn stalks stuck out like a sore thumb to me.

Instead of darkening the image again, I thought lets copy and paste and see what it looks like.  I like this photo much better.

Steven H. Spring


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