Flowers #5030B, 5030D & 5031B

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December 28, 2013

As the part of planet Earth in which I reside is in the midst of a somewhat severe winter, even though officially the winter season had begun just a week ago, I had no plans on posting any more photographs of flowers until the first signs of spring.  My plans were to post some older black & whites and a concert or two in the coming months.  However, that all changed when I saw the original images of these three photos while sorting through the nearly 15,000 photographs of flowers that I had taken earlier in the year, having bought in June my first new camera in thirty-three years.

I decided to post these photos now as to not take the chance that I would overlook them at a later date.  These images were some of the last that I had shot in the fall.  If memory serves me, these were shot somewhat late in the evening, and being a dark flower (a Lily, I believe), the other photos of this plant did not survive the initial review of that day’s photographs and were deleted from the memory card.

Something about these images caught my eye.

Steven H. Spring


2 thoughts on “Flowers #5030B, 5030D & 5031B

    • Thank you very much for viewing my post. I just spent the day working on some more really neat flower shots that I’ll post in the coming weeks. There were some sharp orange/yellow Mums that I especially liked. Be sure to look for them!!!

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