The Real Reason Behind The George Washington Bridge Controversy

January 10, 2013

Say what you want about MSNBC talk show host Rachel Maddow, however, I think she hit the nail on the head last night during her show with her opinion of the real reason why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shut down the George Washington Bridge this past September, that being the controversy surrounding the denial of the lifetime appointments of two New Jersey state Supreme Court justices, one a Democrat, the other a Republican, the second occurring only the day before the governor ordered the bridge shut down.

After watching her show last night, she convinced me that controversy is the real reason, not the fact that Fort Lee, New Jersey Mayor Mark Sokolich did not give his endorsement to the governor during his successful re-election bid, as every other political pundit is espousing, even though the mayor does not even remember being asked to give his endorsement.

For any political junkie wanting to learn to real reason behind Governor Christie’s closing of the George Washington Bridge, the most traveled bridge in the world, go to Maddow’s MSNBC website and watch the first twenty minutes of her show and you’ll be convinced too!!!

Steven H. Spring

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