A Red Rose For Miss. Rose

Flowers #4933B

April 2, 2014

This photograph is dedicated to a very special woman who is celebrating a milestone birthday today, the exact age of which I will not disclose for fear that she might kick my a**, but let’s just say it’s a big, big number.  Without her coming into my life, my passion/obsession of photographing flowers might never have blossomed into what it is today.  She welcomed me into not only her life but her entire family as well, at a time when I needed it most.  A few years earlier, I had hit a brick wall doing ninety miles an hour.  Not only did I hit rock bottom, but I broke on through into the depths of a living hell.  I must admit however, the entire family are the craziest freakin’ mothers I have ever met!  Somehow, I fit in.  I have done things with Miss. Rose that I have never done with any other woman, of which may or may not have been in violation of state, federal and/or international law.

I have been growing and shooting flowers for many years, although nothing compared to that of today.  Some of my earliest childhood memories are of helping Grandma dig up her Canna bulbs every fall.  Twelve years ago, after losing my old farmhouse, and suffering from a then fifth year of a very serious, nearly fatal midlife crisis in which I lost everything that mattered most in life, I decided to give up gardening when I moved into an apartment, giving away all my shovels, rakes and gardening tools, while throwing away all the bulbs that I was planning on taking with me.  My thought was gardening takes away too much valuable time from practicing my guitar playing, which is my true love.

Moving in my apartment, I met Rose, my next-door neighbor.  To make a long story short, she sweet-talked me into helping her start a garden.  After helping her that first year, I decided to plant a few flowers in my little front yard and patio.  One thing led to another and now there is very little grass left in the front yard, replaced over the years by a larger and larger garden.  After running out of space, I decided a few years ago to start a few potted plants, which now number more than twenty on the small patio.  My garden has even spilled over onto the other side of the sidewalk, with a pretty good size flowerbed running nearly the length of my apartment.

Without having met Rose those many years ago, my love of growing and shooting flowers might never have grown into what it is today.  Not only is this photograph dedicated to her, but the thousands of incredible photos that I have shot over the past twelve years are dedicated to her as well.

Happy birthday, Rose!!!  May you have many, many more!!!

Steven H. Spring


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