That Was Some Suspension!

That sure was some suspension served by Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston during Saturday night’s prime time game against Clemson. He had more face time than Bill Cowher, who seemingly is shown every five minutes on every television channel espousing the benefits of Time Warner Cable. Much more face time than if he had actually played the game.

Granted, what he said most likely is said many times in college and pro locker rooms throughout America, if not the world. Or in garages, for that matter. However, for a Heisman Trophy winner, playing on the number one ranked team in the country, ignorance was exhibited by his audacity to think he could jump up on a table in his school’s student union and shout something obscene, no matter how popular the phrase currently is, without the whole country hearing about it.

Winston may not have played a down, yet he was everywhere Saturday night.

Steven H. Spring
Ohio State University, Class of ‘87


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