2014 U.S. Midterm Election

November 5, 2014

Before Americans become overwhelmed with giddiness over the Republican Party taking control of Congress, and looking forward to taking back the presidency in 2016, they should remember that the last time Republicans controlled both Congress and the presidency, they:

Turned a record budget surplus into a record deficit,
Turned a roaring economy into the second coming of the Great Depression, of which the nation is still trying to recover,
Allowed Wall Street to nearly collapse and was punished with government bailout money, which the bankers used to award themselves record bonuses,
Engaged the country into not one but two wars, both still ongoing and the longest in U.S. history, both unfunded and unwarranted,
Approved the use of torture, in violation of the Geneva Conventions,
Abridged American civil liberties in the name of fighting terrorism,
Passed a massive, unfunded Medicare prescription drug plan,
And they let the city of New Orleans drown in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Let the good times roll!

Steven H. Spring

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