Flowers #125F, 125D, 126D, 125H, 126C & 125G

November 15, 2014

These photographs were some of the last that I shot on film, just before replacing my thirty-three year old camera and finally going digital in June of last year. I have no idea what type of flower these are, however, they are one of the weirdest flowers I have ever seen. I came across this plant one day while walking around town, on the prowl for something to shoot.

Back in the old days, I would only shoot a few photos of each flower. When I first started taking pictures with the new camera, I continued this practice. However, that all changed this past spring and summer. Now days, I shoot six or eight photos of every shot, sometimes even more, changing both the aperture and/or shutter speed on each shot. I will then move either closer to, further away, or get a different angle on the plant and shoot another half dozen photos. As any one who has ever taken a photograph of a flower knows, even the gentlest of a breeze will cause a flower to sway greatly, resulting in a retake. This is especially true the more you zoom in on the flower. Due to the marvel of digital cameras, I will then edit that day’s photos, deleting any under or overdeveloped, and any out of focus shots.

If this plant had been growing in my yard this summer, I would have most likely shot several hundred photos over the course of its blooming cycle. I only wish I had taken a few dozen more photos of this very exotic looking plant.

If anyone knows the name of this flower, please let me know.

Steven H. Spring

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