Lilies #1651AR, 1645AR, 1655CR, 1648BR & 1641AR

July 19, 2015

Any one who has checked out my photography over the past three or four years, be it on WordPress or Facebook, probably knows that I like to shoot flowers extremely close up. I find the inner workings of a plant’s blooms to be stunning, both in their color and configurations. Flowers are truly amazing. However, I sometimes forget to see the big picture, and thus failing to shoot it. And, if truth be told, I went back into my apartment to grab my camera as to take some close-up photos of this lily after spotting it while taking one of my frequent walks around my limited gardens.

As it was early evening, I grabbed my tri-pod and shutter release cable as well, to give me some stability while shooting during what is commonly referred to as one of photography’s two golden hours. It was when setting up, that I realized as gorgeous as the lily was, the overall picture was the money shot. Having learned a very valuable lesson that day, I guess one could say that I never saw the forest for all the trees.

Maybe one of these days, I will finally shoot some decent photos.

Steven H. Spring