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April 9, 2016

This past Saturday afternoon, I had taken a few photos of a very large tree in full, glorious bloom in the front yard of my apartment to send to one of my Navy brothers who lives out west in Phoenix, Arizona. At that time, it was very windy, as our weather had recently changed from weeks of ten degrees above normal temperatures to ten degrees below normal.

About an hour later, as a very dear friend and I were enjoying some bud, I told her to turn around and look out the window as the wind was blowing up a storm. It looked like it was snowing, but because it was the first week of April; I told her it must just be the wind blowing all the blooms off the tree that I had earlier photographed. We both got up to look out the door, as it was a very unusual sight.

After a minute or two, we realized that it was indeed snowing. In a matter of a few minutes, it became a full onslaught blizzard. You could not see the apartment building that is maybe one hundred feet in front of mine. In a mater of fifteen minutes, a blizzard with whiteout conditions blew through my neck of the woods and was gone. When the worst of the storm was over, I quickly grabbed my camera and headed outdoors.

As it was still very windy, I shot many more photos than I normally do (and that is usually quite a few) and ended up deleting three-quarters of them from the memory card before uploading the remainder onto my computer. Many of the remaining photos were slightly out of focus as well (a slight wind causes havoc when shooting flowers, a thirty mile an hour wind makes it downright impossible), but I did end up with a dozen or so halfway decent photos.

I am no meteorologist; however, I was a weatherman in the Navy. As such, I do like to keep up with the ongoing debate over whether climate change is real or just a hoax being perpetrated on the American public by those dastardly liberal media folks and climatologists. I have long thought that climate change is very much real, as the weather here in central Ohio seems much different from that of my youth; however, after witnessing such a freak of nature as the fifteen-minute blizzard that passed my way this past Saturday, Mother Nature has me convinced it is for real.

Steven H. Spring

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