Why America Needs To Implement The Draft

May 4, 2016

After watching a two-hour American Masters special last night on the life and struggles of Janis Joplin, PBS television’s Frontline investigative news program aired a one-hour program concerning America’s ongoing wars in Benghazi, Libya and in Yemen. Listening to Frontline while working on the six hundred and fifty-six photographs that I shot of two flowers I bought earlier in the day, one could not help but believe we will be involved in numerous wars throughout the entire Middle East for many decades to come. American imperialism is alive and well and running wildly amok.

Because American television has basically stopped reporting on all these wars, and especially because only one percent of Americans actually serve in our military, for the most part, the vast majority of Americans go about their daily lives as if nothing is going on. Who could also forget that President George W. Bush infamously urged all Americans to just go shopping to support his administration’s unwarranted and unfunded invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq? It is for these reasons that America desperately needs to implement the draft of both men and women.

For if more mothers saw the threat that their sons and daughters might very well come home seriously wounded or in a box (apologies to Country Joe McDonald), all these wars would soon end. Or better yet, never start.

Steven H. Spring


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