Sunset Over The Pacific #112A, 114A, 115A & 116A

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July 30, 2016

Sometime around 1981, I went on a “business” trip out west to Los Angeles. Leaving Columbus, Ohio in a thirty-two foot Winnebago, besides myself there were one of my brothers, a cousin and an older gentleman who was a childhood friend of my uncle. Though I had never driven such a vehicle, I drove nearly the entire trip. The only time I did not drive was when passing through Chicago and in LA. Also along for the ride were Mary Jane and Timothy Leary.

We first drove up to Minneapolis, Minnesota where we dropped off my brother who was going to help another cousin move back to Ohio. From there, we headed to the land of enchantment. Arriving in LA, we discovered that the item being purchased would not be ready until the next morning, so we headed down the coast to find a spot along the beach in which to spend the night. It was while parked along the Pacific Ocean that these photographs were taken. Driving back to LA the next morning, we picked up what we were after and headed home. When passing through Oklahoma City, we dropped off my cousin at the airport who caught a plane to Minneapolis to help his brother move back home.

All told, we made the roughly five thousand mile round trip in seven days. Thankfully, the journey was made uneventfully, except for some fog so thick while passing through Missouri you could have cut it with a knife.

Needless to say, it was a wild trip.

Steven H. Spring


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