Flowers #530BR, 478BR, 526AR & 530CR

August 20, 2016

Orange Stars, whose botanical name is Ornithogalum Dubium, is a species of flowering plants in the Asparagaceae family that is native to the mountainous region of South Africa, where it grows in stony, clayish soil. Growing to a height of nearly twenty inches, the bulbous perennial spouts up to eight lance-shaped, deep green leaves and bears fifteen to twenty spherical-shaped, tangerine colored flowers per each stem. The small, six-petal blooms often have a green or brown center.

Nearly unknown in the United States, where it is hardy only in zones eight through eleven, Orange Stars are said to be a much sought after potted plant throughout Europe. The plant prefers a sandy, well-drained, neutral pH soil and a bright, indirect sun. Water your plant so it is moist, but not soggy during the growing season, as the bulbs can rot if too wet. The bulbs can also rot if they remain wet during its winter dormant season.

If grown in containers, a sporadic drying out of the potting mix can cause significant damage to the plant’s delicate root system. Spent flowers should be removed from the plant as they die, and after the plant has finished flowering, the stems should be cut back as well. Once the plant has yellowed, prune the entire foliage to the ground.

If I am fortunate to have you view my photographs and you find the color saturation too much or the color schemes of the mats do not match either themselves or the photograph, please let me know via a comment. Being color-blind, what might look great to me might look like sh*t to everyone else!

Steven H. Spring


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