Moon #58CR, 58BR, 54AR, 57BR & 51BR

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November 26, 2016

According to Wikipedia, the Super Moon, which was to be about fifteen percent larger and thirty percent brighter than normal, was to occur on both the 13th and 14th. I know absolutely nothing about the Moon, but it would seem to me that if it were a two-night event, and if one of those nights were a full moon, then that night would be most super, which was the 14th.  The first, second and fourth photos were shot on the 14th.  The third and fifth photos were shot on the 13th.  Zooming in while taking the pictures, and digital manipulation done on the computer resulted in the Moon appearing different sizes and colors in these five photographs.

Because it seems that we have overcast skies seeming every day here in central Ohio, especially during the winter months, I went out on the 13th and shot about fifty photos. The next night, after checking the moon-rise timetable in the Columbus Dispatch, I was outside waiting on the Moon to rise up from the horizon at its scheduled time. Fifteen minutes later, and still no Moon, I headed home, knowing something wasn’t right.

After another thirty minutes passed, I headed back out to see if the Moon had indeed made its appearance, which it had. Having taken another fifty or so photos, I headed back home to sort through what I had just taken, and to check why the Moon was an hour late.

It appeared to me that the newspaper’s moon-rise forecast was off by a day, as it rose at the time the paper had for the following day. One thing I do know is that, unlike the Sun, the Moon’s rising and setting can vary an hour from one day to the next. Not to mention it can appear during the middle of the day. Or not at all.

What a strange planet, or technically a natural satellite, the Moon is!

Steven H. Spring


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