Flowers #173E, 169B, 161BR, 167CR & 164BR

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December 31, 2016

Rudbeckia Toto Rustic flowers are a relatively short-lived perennial plant that gardeners sometimes grow as an annual, depending as always on location. Rudbeckia flowers are members of the sunflower family, and are one of a number of plants that are commonly called Coneflowers or Black-Eyed Susans. This genus of flowers are named in honor of Olaus Rudbeck (1630-1702), a professor of botany at the University of Uppsala, in Uppsala, Sweden, who established the first botanical garden in his country.

Toto Rustic flowers are a dwarf Rudbeckia plant in the Asteraceae family that are native to the Eastern and Central United States. The plant’s blooms are burgundy in the center, while golden yellow at the tips. The blooms develop on short, stout stems, which are lined with dark green leaves. Each plant is covered with flowers, which attracts both bees and butterflies. The typical plant grows to a height up to ten inches, with a width of twelve inches. The typical bloom time ranges from July until the first frost.

This plant grows best with six plus hours of direct sun, though it will grow with only partial sunlight. It does well in most soil types, requiring only that it be well draining. Toto Rustic flowers are considered hardy and drought tolerant, though they bloom much better with a sufficient amount of watering. It is also both deer and rabbit resistant. Rudbeckia plants were a traditional Native American medicinal herb used to treat colds, flu, inflections and snakebites. Although parts of the plant do have nutritional value, other parts are poisonous.

If I am fortunate to have you view my photographs and you find the color saturation too much or the color schemes of the mats do not match either themselves or the photograph, please let me know via a comment. Being color-blind, what might look great to me might look like sh*t to everyone else!

Steven H. Spring


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