Roses #54AR, 65AR & 55AR

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March 4, 2017

How so many people can choose to believe climate change is nothing more than a hoax perpetrated by the enemy of the American people (i.e., the liberal media) hell-bent on bringing down Big Business, despite what ninety-seven percent of climate scientists say via years of research, amazes me. With only two or three cold spells all winter long, and maybe one measurable snowfall, this has been the warmest winter I can remember here in central Ohio.

What is particularly alarming is that temperatures in the Arctic region have been rising far greater than the average increase of the entire planet, which has seen the twelve warmest years on record having occurred since 1998, with eleven of those occurring since 2003, and the five hottest all occurring since 2010. The Arctic is warming so much that ice has been melting in parts of the region during the past two winters. And, once the ice is gone, that’s when major changes to our climate really begins.

What does all this talk of climate change have to do with this photograph of a Rose, one might ask? This photo was taken on November 15th.

Steven H. Spring

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