Will COVID-19 Help Elect Joe Biden Or Re-Elect Donald Trump?

May 6, 2020

With the president pressuring the fifty governors to open up their states from self-imposed stay-at-home economic shutdown, in an attempt to improve his probability to win re-election, steps need to be taken now to insure all Americans get the opportunity to cast a ballot safely in the November 3 election, an election that just might be the most crucial in this nation’s history.

All along, medical experts have been opining that a second wave of the coronavirus will strike come fall, and considering everyone of the thirty states that have started opening up their economies this past Friday are in violation of the president’s virus task-force guidelines (i.e., fourteen days of declining new cases (several states had their highest number the day before opening) and extensive testing (there isn‘t, as the U.S. ranks forty-second worldwide per capita)), the only thing that experts might be wrong about is that it will probably occur much sooner. During the 1918-1920 incorrectly named “Spanish Flu” pandemic, in which an estimated 50 million people died, including 675,000 Americans, it was the second wave that was responsible for the most casualties. That second wave was blamed on massive troops movements during the final year of World War I.

If these educated predictions come true, our state and national politicians need to start preparing for the coming election in which mail-in voting just might be the only safe way for all Americans to cast their ballots. Unlike Wisconsin, which forced its citizens to stand in line for several hours to cast a ballot during their recent primary, Ohio took the opposite approach, conducting their primary mostly by mail-in voting. Despite optimistic rhetoric espoused by members of the Republican Party, I tend to listen to medical experts and their warnings are dire. As such, I recently wrote Ohio’s Secretary Of State, expressing my concern regarding the November general election.

I concluded my letter to Secretary Frank LaRose with the assumption that mail-in voting, and especially mailing out ballots to all registered voters, in lieu of having to submit an application to receive a mail-in ballot, will never happen, and we both know the reason why. Let the president explain why; “Republicans should fight very hard when it comes to statewide mail-in voting. Democrats are clamoring for it. Tremendous potential for voter fraud, and for whatever reason, doesn’t work out well for Republicans.”

The following is my letter to Secretary LaRose.

Steven H. Spring


April 24, 2020

The Honorable Frank LaRose
Secretary Of State
The State Of Ohio
22 North Fourth Street, 16th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Dear Secretary LaRose,

Having submitted my mail-in ballot a couple of weeks ago, and especially after reading an article in the April 22nd Columbus Dispatch with the headline “Mail-in voter turnout looks low,” I wanted to write to express my concern regarding the upcoming November 3rd general election. As a life-long political junkie, growing up on the south-side of Columbus, the 1968 Hubert Humphrey vs. Richard Nixon contest was the first that I can remember, as I became a teenager eight days after that election.

Even though I watch roughly ten hours of news daily (less during weekends before COVID-19 put an end to all sporting events) and the first thing I do every morning is to read the paper, I had no idea that I needed to submit an application to receive a mail-in ballot until my next door neighbor told me. That might be because I no longer watch local news, with its “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality. Since the vast majority of Americans no longer read a newspaper or watches much televised news, if any, that might explain why only twenty-two percent of Ohioans who are registered have already voted.

Even during non-pandemic times, the percentage of Americans who vote is usually dismal, especially so during non-presidential election years. People in other countries risk their lives in order to cast a ballot, yet the majority of Americans could care less. If twenty-two percent of registered Ohioans have voted this primary election, what is the percentage of eligible voters having done so? I first raised this question with then Secretary Of State Robert Taft way back in 1996.

Our government officials, both national and state, should be doing everything possible to make it easier for Americans to vote, yet be it purging of voter rolls, eliminating polling locations and the number of voting machines, cutting back the number of early voting days or photo ID requirements, one political party is doing everything they can to prevent citizens from doing so. During the past two presidential elections, many Americans waited in line for hours, some up to eight, to vote.

What occurred up in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago during their primary was a disgrace, when the Republican-controlled legislature overturned Governor Tony Evers executive order instituting state-wide mail-in voting because of the pandemic, which was eventually ruled in the Republicans favor by the United States Supreme Court after going through first the Wisconsin Supreme Court and then the United States District Court.

With numerous medical experts opining that a second wave of coronavirus will attack our nation this fall, which based on the results of the so-called “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1918-1920, could be disastrous since we are barely capable of handling the initial wave, I write to urge you to have your office ready for another mail-in ballot election and have all Ohioans be aware of what it takes to vote in this manner. Instead of having voters submit an application in order to receive a ballot, why not just mail a ballot to all registered voters.

We both know that will never happen, and the reason why.


Steven H. Spring

Copy: Governor Mike DeWine
Representative Warren Davidson
Senator Sherrod Brown
Senator Rob Portman


March 22, 2020

As an American, I find this administration’s preparedness and response to the COVID-19 pandemic appalling. As the father of a daughter who is a nurse, I find this nation’s lack of basic medical Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), such as face masks and shields disgusting.

How is it that China built two mobile hospitals (a total of sixteen hundred beds) in ten days, and yet we cannot provide enough N95 face masks or virus tests, telling medical personnel that they should use bandanas to cover their mouth and nose, only weeks into the virus coming ashore? Or that, in a pinch re-use their PPEs. How is this possible?

Why is it that this administration had nearly three months’ notice of the pending viral attack, but it seems more and more likely that it is the most ill-prepared (pardon the pun) and least capable of containing it? Maybe we should create some sort of government agency to handle such extreme circumstances. Oh wait, we did. However, this administration shut down the National Security Council’s Global-Health-Security unit (created by the Obama administration) and slashed Center For Disease Control And Prevention funding.

However, lets not place all blame on this administration. Does the health care industry, which is the most profitable industry in America, accept some responsibility as well. I’ve long said the health care industry should not be for-profit. My accounting degree from OSU reminds me that inventory cost money, not only the initial cost, but to store it as well. Just ask the Detroit auto industry, which found out the hard way. The Japanese standard is the just-in-time (JIT) method, eliminating costly inventory. This is evidenced by all the Japanese factories located throughout central Ohio in outlaying villages and towns, supplying Honda of America up in Marysville. This method works great when all is well, however when you throw a pandemic into the supply chain, problems arise, as we are desperately finding out.

America, and especially this administration, likes to pride itself with constant boasting of being the greatest nation of all-time, yet cannot provide paper face masks or cotton swabs to conduct testing. This is disgraceful.

Steven H. Spring

The Death Of America (God Bless Her Soul)

January 31, 2020

As a life-long political junkie, I watched probably ninety percent of both the House of Representatives impeachment hearings and the Senate’s “trial” of the president. Though I am not an attorney nor legal scholar, however this “trial” was nothing more than a kangaroo court, as Republicans prevented Democrats from subpoenaing eye-witnesses nor any documents. Trials without witnesses or documentation are what dictators conduct. To borrow a much over-used word by Republicans and especially the president, it was nothing more than a sham.

Republicans cried out numerous times over the past several weeks that Democrats produced nothing but hearsay witnesses, relying on third or fourth party testimony. However, this was due only to the president preventing nearly everyone from testifying nor complying with any subpoena for documents. In addition, the assertion is false, as European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland testified under oath that he had first-hand knowledge of the quid pro quo demand by the president’s merry band of shysters, hustlers, and grifters. If new claims by former Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, that was reported Friday afternoon turn out to be credible, this conspiracy and cover-up goes much deeper involving high ranking officials and longer in time than anyone could ever imagine.

This administration will go down in history as the most corrupt, most inept and most untruthful in American history. Alan Dershowitz, a constitutional scholar and member of the president’s defense team opined that Trump can basically do anything he wants, if it is done in pursuit of getting re-elected. It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that this president will do anything to get re-elected and with four more years in office, anything goes. Once Senate Republicans acquit him of all charges, the president will be free to do any and every thing he chooses, legal or not.

America has been slowly dying an immoral death the past three years, and this “trial” has pounded the last few nails into its coffin. We are a laughingstock on the world stage. The only hope for her is that Democrats and Independents come out in mass on the third day of November and take back both the Senate and White House.

If not, Vladimir Putin will have defeated this nation without firing a single shot.

Steven H. Spring

The Impeachment Of Donald Trump

November 13, 2019

Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, who was inserted as a last minute, temporary member of the House Intelligence Committee just so he could be his usual, highly partisan self during the Committee’s public hearings of the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump, proved what the true intent of the Republican Party is when he raise an objection to the hearing, accusing Chairman Adam Schiff of knowing who the whistle-blower was.

Chairman Schiff, in his usual low-key manner, replied that Jordan was incorrect. Had I been the chairman, I would have replied, “That sir, is a lie.” Is there any doubt that the only goal of the Republican Party during this historic hearing is to be nothing more than a disruptive force, with no intention of finding the truth?

I only wish someone would start a GoFundMe page, to raise much needed money so Representative Jordan can afford to buy a suit jacket. Winter is here and poor Mr. Jordan doesn’t seem to be financially secure enough to afford one.

Steven H. Spring

Who’s Foolin’ Who?

October 2, 2019

Correspondent Norah O’Donnell did her darndest to get truthful answers from Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman during her interview with the Saudi leader Sunday evening on 60 Minutes season premiere, however, I believed his answers about as much as I do anything (everything) our president says, which is to say, none of them.

If America wanted to see the true bin Salman, she would have watched the season premiere of PBS’ Frontline investigative series Tuesday evening entitled The Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia. An extensive segment of the two hour program centered on the killing of Saudi-born, Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

My only criticism of the show, hosted by Martin Smith, is that more time should have been spent discussing the Saudi – Yemen war, a war pitting the kingdom against Houti rebels, who are accused of being backed by Iran. During the five year old war, which has been declared a massive humanitarian crisis, the kingdom, armed by America with F-15 fighter jets, armored vehicles, bombs, missiles and missile defense systems, has bombed numerous hospitals, schools (as many as 1,500) and at least one school bus which killed forty children.

Then, there is the Donald Trump/Jared Kushner financial ties with the kingdom, ties so deep that bin Salam boasts that he has Kushner “in his pocket.” Surely those ties would not conflict with America’s best interests, would they?

Steven H. Spring

How Once Great Thou Art (apologies to Carl Boberg)

August 19, 2019

Listening to news last week that another once great American city has a critical water problem, my first thought was how many more cities are facing similar problems, that being century old water mains? This time it’s Newark, New Jersey. Flint, Michigan’s water is still unfit to drink or bathe, five years after residents were first warned of the danger.

I’m no engineer, so I leave it to experts regarding America’s infrastructure, and the news hasn’t been good for years. Every four years, the American Society Of Civil Engineers issues its “Infrastructure Report Card,” and the results, on a sunny day, are horrific. The Society’s 2017 report gave America an overall grade of D+ on our entire infrastructure system.

Though there is one bright spot, with our rail system earning a B, and three others (bridges, ports and solid waste) earning C+, all other categories rate very poorly. Energy, hazardous waste, parks & recreation and wastewater all earn D+, while aviation, dams, drinking water, inland waterways, levees, roads, schools and transit grade a D.

The Engineers also gave an estimate for the “Cost to Improve” our infrastructure over the next ten years as $4.59 trillion. If that’s the cost to improve our entire infrastructure, what’s it gonna take to fix it, let alone turn it into world-class? We are America, after all.

However, like all great empires, America has reached the stage where it spends all its valuable resources protecting the far reaches of its kingdom, all the while it is collapsing from within.

Steven H. Spring

Another Day, Another Mass Murder In Gun-Loving America

August 4, 2019

Another day, another mass shooting in America. No, I am not making light of Saturday’s slaughter of twenty people, plus twenty-six more wounded at a Wal-Mart store in El Paso, Texas, it is just that based on FBI criteria of four or more people shot in one shooting spree constitutes a mass shooting, America averages one such shooting every single day. Sadly, twelve hours later, another young white man, dressed in body armor, armed with an AK-47 style assault rifle loaded with two massive magazines, killed nine people and wounded twenty-seven others enjoying a night on the town in Dayton’s historic Oregon District early Sunday morning.

In a country which is still fighting its two longest wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention our quasi wars in Libya, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Niger and Yemen, how is it possible that by far, more Americans die from gunfire at home than on all those battlefields combined? Fortunately, both massacres could have been much worse had police not been able to respond so quickly. Dayton police confirm they killed the shooter within a minute of him opening fire in the crowded entertainment district.

Here’s one sure way to help curb America’s thirst of violence; make gun manufactures once again responsible for the armaments they sell by repealing the law which prevents victims of gun violence from suing the manufactures. In 2005, Congress passed, and President George W. Bush signed into law the “Protection Of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act,” which basically gives the gun industry carte blanche to sell their deadly products. Though there are six very minor exceptions to the law, the act states that gun manufactures cannot be held liable in civil court for the carnage created by their weapons of mass destruction.

Is there any other industry that receives such a huge benefit, especially one constantly surrounded by death?

Steven H. Spring

Editor’s Note: This rant was started late Saturday night, only as a letter to the editor of my hometown newspaper, and was basically finished, needing only another final proof-read or three. I went to bed around the same time the shooting started in downtown Dayton, roughly fifty miles from where I now live. I drive by the Oregon District three or four times a year when I go to the Dayton VA Medical Center.