Black & White #33A

black-white-33afmFebruary 18, 2017

I decided to post this photograph as a change of pace with my usual posts, lest anyone wonders if all I photograph are flowers. This photo was taken sometime in 1982 while I was taking several photography courses at Ohio State, paid for by the G.I. Bill after serving four years in the Navy as a weatherman aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ranger (CV-61).

By the time I started school, I was already married with two precious babies soon on their way. After taking a couple of black & white courses, all the advanced courses were all late in the afternoon, which interfered with my full-time, second shift job. Making the situation even worse, I was living in London, commuting forty-five miles back and forth to Columbus every day for either school or work. I would leave home and 9:00 in the morning and not arrive back home until midnight or later. Lunch and dinner were sack lunches. On good days, I would only have either school or work. Rarely did I have an entire day off in the five years it took me to earn my degree.

Instead of trying to find another job with hours that would allow me to continue in the field of photography, I did the prudent thing and switched majors, earning my bachelor’s degree with a major in accounting. That degree served me well, until a rather severe mid-life crisis derailed everything. However, after buying my first new camera in thirty-three years in June of 2013, finally going digital, photography has now consumed my entire life, as I spend at least eight hours a day either photographing flowers or working on the slightly more than one hundred thousand photographs I have taken during the past four years.

Only thirty more days until spring. But who’s counting?

Steven H. Spring


Sunset Over Plattsburg Road #56B

Sunset Over Plattsburg Road #56BSeptember 12, 2015

This photograph was shot about fifteen years ago, at my old farmhouse.  Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, the old farm sure was a long way from home, not only in actual distance, but life in the fast lane as well.  One thing I loved about living so far out was that I never had to worry about neighbors complaining about playing the stereo too loud, although I did have a sheriff’s deputy come out to the house on two separate occasions.  They could not believe they were reporting a noise complaint.  I did have two speakers, each with a fifteen-inch woofer, on the back porch, sitting up against the windows, facing out, as to be able to rock while gardening.

After my divorce, I bought my first Fender Stratocaster on my fortieth birthday, in pursuit of a life-long dream of one day learning to play the guitar.  Every other Saturday, two brothers (ok, one was technically an ex-brother-in-law, both were divorced, thus the every other Saturday) would come out for the day to pick a little, cook a big meal and partake in some of mother nature’s finer spirits.  We used to rock the old farmhouse.  It is my love of music, and playing the guitar that gives me the will to live to this day.  Oh yeah, I also get a little pleasure in dabbling a little in photography as well.

Taken that long ago, needless to say, these photos were shot on film, and the 4×6 prints were scanned onto my computer, where they were tweaked just a little, adjusting both the color and brightness/darkness levels, before matting and framing them.  As such, looking at this photo online does not do justice to the original 4×6 photographs, as some of the sharpness was lost.

If I am fortunate to have you view my photographs and you find the color saturation too much or the color schemes of the mats do not match either themselves or the photograph, please let me know via a comment.  Being color-blind, what might look great to me might look like sh*t to everyone else!

I sure do miss that old farmhouse!

Steven H. Spring

Sunset Over Plattsburg Road #53B, 54B, 54D, 58C & 56B

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February 8, 2014

These five photographs were shot many years ago at my old farmhouse.  Needless to say, they were shot with film.  The 4×6 prints were then scanned onto my computer, where there was some adjusting made of both the colors and brightness.

As always, because I am color-blind, if the color saturation of the photographs are too great, or if the mats do not match the photo or each other, please let me know via a comment.

Steven H. Spring

360 Degrees Of Plattsburg Farm

These thirteen photographs were shot most likely either in the fall of 1995 or spring of 1996.  What probably lead to these photographs being taken was that I was either hanging Christmas lights or taking them down when I decided to shoot this panoramic 360 degree view of my old farmhouse from the rooftop.

It is hard to believe that even though you see very few neighbors, I had on two different occasions a sheriff’s deputy come calling, responding to a call of disturbing the peace.  Neither time involved my brothers and I playing guitars, just me playing the stereo.  The deputies could not believe it as well.  I used to rock that old farmhouse!!!

Steven H. Spring